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Defender smart pepper spray takes pictures of crooks

Defender is an Indiegogo project featuring a smart pepper spray that snaps photos of would be criminal offenders and connects to smartphones.


Smart devices are everywhere, and integration is a common theme in consumer tech today. Smart watches, smart appliances, even smart glasses. The trend is so common, even self-defense gadgets can now connect to the internet, just like Defender, an Indiegogo project that aims to develop internet-capable smart pepper sprays.

Defender is pretty much what it actually looks like: a pepper spray with a camera installed on it. While we presume that no criminal selfie is going to be taken with such device (press and bam!), it is designed to quickly profile potential criminal offenders by taking a snapshot of them while the pepper spray is aimed. The idea is quite straightforward, although we assume that the sprayed individuals would probably look a lot less photogenic with their pained expressions.

So what’s the point of taking a picture of the crook that attempted to steal your bag? Well, its network connectivity allows it to send the photos via internet through your smartphone. With a specialized app, the device takes the picture, the current GPS location and other information to a monitoring service system. The monitoring system then alerts whichever department has been alerted by the user, be it the police or the local hospital, which would then take action depending on the situation.

At least that’s how it works on paper. There are still a few possible unaddressed issues here, such as if the situation would really require deployment or not, but you get the idea. Defend, alarm, snap, notify, and deploy.

Interested contributors can offer a minimum of $159 to get the Defender pepper spray plus a year of monitoring service. The number of service years and perks increase as the amount contributed increases. The project is specifically restricted for contributors aged at least 18 and above. Also, it may be important to note that there are certain restrictions regarding laws and policies about carrying such self-defense gadgets, a gist of which is provided at their Indiegogo page.

Source: Indiegogo

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