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Deep Down DragonWith Deep Down, Capcom has showcased the power of their next-gen Panta Rhei engine with buttery smooth graphics and an alluring–if not gritty–medieval fantasy world that’s fraught with danger at every turn. From deep dark dungeons to towering leviathan-esque dragons, Capcom’s newest adventure will certainly unveil what lies in our hearts, and who we are deep down.

While details have been somewhat slim regarding Deep Down, we do know that the game is planned as an online RPG, and thanks to recent updates, we know that it’ll be exclusive to Sony’s next-gen PlayStation 4.

In a recent Tweet, Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono reveals that Deep Down isn’t coming to Microsoft’s Xbox One, and will only be featured on the PS4:

Capcom E3

The news isn’t wholly surprising seeing as the game was originally announced during Sony’s official See The Future event back in February, where gamers around the world were treated to the first teaser glimpses of Capcom’s dark RPG adventure. The publisher subsequently returned to showcase Deep Down at this year’s E3 expo during Sony’s pre-event press conference.

Additionally Capcom has designed the new Panta Rhei engine to specifically run on the PS4, further distancing any speculation on an Xbox One release.

Attendees at this year’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS 2013) will also e able to try Deep Down via playable hands-on demos, and we may see a few highlights during Sony’s official SCEJA press conference tomorrow.

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