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Dedicated Nexus 9 keyboard cover pictured, ETA tipped as early October

Whether it’ll roll out by the end of this month, as internal Nvidia documentation seemed to suggest, or get held up until October, Google and HTC’s Nexus 9 tablet will be a groundbreaker for the franchise in a number of ways.

Nexus 9 keyboard

Seeing as how the “pure Google” Nexus family last got a smartphone refreshment in October 2013 and a new tablet member several months earlier, it’s a no-brainer to assume something big is being cooked up. Both literally and figuratively. Unless the demise of the series is nigh, as not-so-reliable sources insinuated back in the day.

Taking for granted the reports stressing the long and prosperous future of the Nexus name, we feel fairly confident anticipating higher-end than ever before fresh market entries. After all, El Goog now has Android One in charge of the low-cost, low to mid-end niches.

Our assumptions have received plenty of corroboration via multiple trusted sources of late, perhaps none as credible as the NCC, FCC’s Taiwan-based equivalent agency. Before getting too excited, no, a Nexus device never paid the Asian regulatory authority a visit.

Nexus 9 keyboard-2

But the looming N9 did send its purported Microsoft Surface-style keyboard dock/protective case on a certification mission, and in a way, that’s the next best thing. Pictured in all its adjustable glory, the accessory should thus be ready to hit store shelves worldwide simultaneously with the 64-bit-supporting, Android L-running slate.

The dimensions and design of the keyboard cover seem to lend credence to earlier reports of the Nexus 9 sporting a 4:3 display, and hopefully, that means 2,048 x 1,440 pixels resolution rumors will also pan out.

Nexus 9 keyboard-3

The keyboard’s pics, while pretty high-res and revealing, disclose little else of actual importance, aside maybe from the fact two slightly distinct versions are on deck. Could it be therefore that the N9 will come in two flavors, or is HTC prepping a non-Nexus 9 incher too?

Hard to say, and we’re afraid timelines remain very much up in the air as well. Q3 is nearing an imminent close, and the notoriously undependable head honcho of rumor-mongering website TK Tech News claims a formal intro could happen on October 7, 8 or 9. At which point one or several new Nexus handhelds are also expected, with Motorola, HTC and LG leading the list of hardware-making suspects.

Sources: Chinese VR-Zone, TK Tech News

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