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De-lidded Core i7-6700K gives us a look at the Skylake die for the first time

Core i7-6700K de-lid

Intel uncharacteristically left out several details during the launch of its Skylake platform, with the vendor stating that it would offer more information at the Intel Developer Forum later this month. Japanese tech publication PC Watch got its hands on the Core i7-6700K and removed the heatspreader, giving us a first look at the die powering the Skylake CPUs.

As with Devil’s Canyon, which saw the introduction of Intel’s next-generation silicone-based thermal interface material, using the right TIM makes all the difference when it comes to reducing temperatures under load. Intel touted a 2X increase in thermal efficiency from Haswell, and as such it is interesting to see how much of a difference we’ll see in Skylake from Devil’s Canyon.

PC Watch found that the TIM was similar to what was seen on Devil’s Canyon, which is good news for overclockers. The PCB seems to be significantly thinner than Haswell, coming in at 0.8mm to 1.1mm. The die itself was found to be smaller in size than earlier 14nm CPUs, with the thinner size attributed to enhancements to integrated graphics, which now sports 24 execution cores instead of 48 seen on Broadwell CPUs.

Along with the stock TIM, PC Watch tested the CPU using aftermarket cooling solution Prolimatech PK-3, and Coollaboratory Liquid Pro, a liquid-metal alloy solution. At 4.0GHz, Prolimatech’s solution was 4 degrees cooler than the stock offering, with the Liquid Pro knocking down temperatures by 16 degrees. Overclocked to 4.60GHz, the PK-3 held on to its 4-degree gulf, whereas the Liquid Pro was 20 degrees cooler than what the stock solution was running on.


We will know more about the improvements under the hood in the Skylake platform later this month.

Source: PC Watch

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