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DC Universe Online will be on PS4; can bring over older profiles


Superman, Wonder-Woman and Batman could be fighting it out on both old and new Sony consoles by the end of this year.

DC Universe has been one of the few incredibly popular console MMO’s that have actually worked and Sony are not letting such a popular and enjoyable title just slowly die out like so many other MMO’s. Game Informer talked with Jens Andersen, the senior creative director of DC Universe Online about the future of the game and how the PS4 version has progressed. Anderson is protective of the series and is hoping he can bring new fans to the series without getting them to buy Sony’s new console. “We don’t want players to make the choice to upgrade to the PlayStation 4 version and leave their friends behind,” Andersen said but understands the PS4 version will look incredible and could be an overriding incentive to have people move to the next-gen system.

With over 11 million global registered users on PC and PS3, Andersen assures fans that they will be able to bring their profiles and characters over, no matter what system they’re playing on. His team are already working hard on cross-platform play and hopes there are “players on both consoles to be on the same servers” and duking it out on a daily basis. Down the line, Andersen hopes that his team can implement second-screen functionality and as DC Universe Online is slated for the PlayStation 4’s launch window, the team would love to be on the system day and date with the console’s arrival later this year.


Andersen and his team would love to see the barriers between PC and PlayStation taken down, but for legal and company reasons servers are kept separate from one another. He says not to worry too much as content will continue to roll out on all platforms, whether it’s PC, PS4 or PS3, all at the same time. Andersen was also asked about other Warner Bros crossovers and how he felt about the role of the Joker being given to Troy Baker (The Last of Us, Catherine, Bioshock Infinite) for upcoming Batman titles.

He said while Baker is great,  Mark Hamill did come back and voice The Last Laugh DLC earlier this year, but now Hamill is retired as the Joker, Baker may not be featured in new DLC, depending on what is being written in the future. Andersen said that having a new actor would give the MMO two different voices for The Joker and could be jarring for the players.

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