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Dean “Rocket” Hall weighs in on publishing the zombie title to Next-Gen consoles.

E3 was a time for indie devs to come out of their mother’s basements the wood work and shine with indie madness reaching breaking point last year. One of the biggest indie mods came from Dean Hall and his crew who created the zombie survival simulator, Day Z, out of Bohemia Interactive’s Military Sim, ARMA2. Hall is currently turning DayZ into a standalone title and weighing up the possibilities of the popular zombie game to come to either, the PS4 or the Xbox One.

Hall says he likes Microsoft’s console and that it’s still “really early on in the process”  to decide where to publish. “They are all still up in the air, we still don’t know what will happen. We wouldn’t even think about [a console version] until we release it on PC.” He does note he’s not incredibly sold on the PS4 either saying ,” there is some concerning stuff about the PS4 as well” and is hoping that Sony can deliver on what they said in their conference. “Like, the sun is not shining out of Sony’s ass or anything.”


He does note that Sony’s console does have the advantage of being able to self-publish and not having to pay for updates. He also discussed the archaic and child-proofing system that has been used in the past for developers.

“Why do we need the publisher? And why should we pay for updates? You know we are going to be updating this game for a year, so it kind of seems a bit stupid to me.” Hall stated the cost of updating DayZ on the Xbox One is still “very, very prohibitive,” but did offer hope saying that maybe Microsoft’s stance on the matter will change.

“It is a real problem,” Hall explained, “paying money for updates is a very difficult proposition for DayZ…I’m sure that means you can turn around and you can negotiate stuff with Microsoft; but what happens to the other indies?” Hall said that if there are enough fans of indies on the Xbox One, that Microsoft may also rethink that strategy, ” I’d love to see DayZ on the Xbox One, but then we’ll have to pay for updates and find a publisher then.”

Sony has already stated their interest in a DayZ release for PlayStation 4 but Hall says the Windows PC version is their highest priority. “I’m positive that if we don’t screw up the PC release, a console release will be most likely…With the console release, we want to start developing it soon and we want to use the lessons from the PC to make it better. So we need to be able to patch and update it, we wouldn’t want it to become this different thing.”

Day Z is already an incredible game and early beta testers have stated the new standalone title is as fun and delivers vast visual improvement on the original mod.

via Polygon

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