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Dawn of War II : Chaos Rising

Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising is an expansion set to the original Dawn of War II, featuring the treacherous Chaos faction and a new campaign that pits the Space Marines from the previous Dawn of War II into the new story.

Are you brave enough to face the forces of Chaos and its daemons.

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“You cannot escape me…You belong to me !” – Chaos Lord

Chaos Rising, the sequel to the original
Dawn of War II. Its story set place about a year after the story of the
original series, with the tryanid forces defeated and the rest of the
enemies scattered. However, planet Aurelia, once a lush planet to the
humans that was lost to the Warp storm have resurfaced, encased in ice.
Its surface, bleak and deserted…or is it ?

After completing the campaign for Chaos Rising, as
usual the ending tells a tale that the story will continue and in much
more excitement to come. Overall, the campaign is pretty short but hey
it is an expansion set.

The treacherous Chaos forces were pretty well
portrayed in the flow of the story although I wish there more in-depth
details on the Chaos faction. As for “side quests” in this expansion set, I
was pretty disappointed that there wasn’t many.

PS: The librarian hero is good in the
campaign, proper micro management could make him a viable asset to your
team. ^^

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