Dart is six times lighter and four times smaller than traditional laptop chargers, and comes with an in-line USB port that charges your mobile device simultaneously.


One of the most major annoyances when using a laptop in a portable location is that one has to lug a bulky adapter along with the laptop. However, a new Kickstarter project aims to alleviate that concern. FINsix’s Dart is a portable charger that looks more like a device that is meant to charge your mobile or tablet.  Touted as the smallest, lightest laptop adapter, the Dart delivers 65W of power, which is more than sufficient to charge your laptop.

Dart 2

FINsix mention that the Dart is able to deliver this power from a small form factor because of a technology known as very high frequency (VHF) power conversion.

“It is well known in power electronics that increasing switching frequency is key to reducing size, weight, and cost. However, it is critical (and very hard) to switch faster while maintaining high efficiency. This is because modern power converters repeatedly deliver small packets of energy to the electronic device in cycles called switching cycles. Switching isn’t a perfect process and during every cycle some energy is wasted in the form of heat. At FINsix, our technology allows us to waste far less energy with each cycle. Thus, we can cycle up to 1000x faster without wasting any more energy than a conventional power converter. Cycling faster means we can transfer a smaller packet of energy to each cycle – and make the power converter a lot smaller.”

In addition to charging your laptop, Dart also has a 2.1 Amp / 10.5 Watt in-line USB port that can charge your mobile at the same time. For all its advantages, the Dart is not compatible with machines that require more than 65W of power for charging.

Dart will be built with off-the-shelf hardware, which means that manufacturing the hardware will not be a major setback for FINsix. As for the hardware itself, Dart will retail for $120 for the standard version and $199 for the MacBook version which comes with a magnetic connector. The charger will be available in six color variants: Blue, Magenta, Silver, Gunmetal and Orange. Early-bird backers can buy the Dart for $89, while international buyers can snag one for $130. The early-bird MacBook Dart is also available for $148. Head over to the source link below to buy the Dart. The first batch of chargers would be sent out to backers from the month of November.

Source: Kickstarter

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