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DARPA aims to create software systems that last for 100 years


DARPA has announced an ambitious 4-year program to research means of developing “applications capable of adapting to change, without extensive reprogramming.”

DARPA’s Building Resource Adaptive Software Systems (BRASS) program will be the organization’s foray into creating systems that will last for many decades without the need to upgrade or start over with a clean slate.

According to DARPA program manager Suresh Jagannathan, increased complexity and capabilities of software systems are sources of frustrations for many organizations.  Constant changes in libraries, data formats, protocols, and a slew of other requirements only add to the never ending need to update and upgrade.

“The inability to seamlessly adapt to new operating conditions undermines productivity, hampers the development of cyber-secure infrastructure and raises the long-term risk that access to important digital content will be lost as the software that generates and interprets content becomes outdated,” said Jagannathan.

To cut down on these resource intensive tasks and maintain constant productivity, BRASS will serve as a stepping stone to cutting maintenance costs by figuring out methods of reducing “extensive programmer involvement.”

Source: DARPA

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