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Darkspore PC Review

graphics are good if you do not zoom in
Graphics are good but not spectacular for an action role playing game and the audio department fares well in the game with sound effects crisp. Music seems lacking and we will really love it if the game adds some immersive soundtracks during gameplay.
Graphics option
Audio setup
Tweaks to your visuals and audio settings are aplenty to ensure gameplay is smooth if your processor lacks the juice. We were pleased that the game was able to run very smoothly on the PC running an AMD Phenom X4 955 CPU with GeForce GT 450 graphics processor, despite adjusting every settings to the maximum.

Victory as a team is always sweet
Darkspore shapes up nicely as an attempt for casual gamers to pass off some time as a hack-and-slash title. Story treads on a thin side with the core gameplay backing it up. There is plenty of fun found in customizing your heroes wargear and how they look. Battle gameplay is straightforward with your left-click on the mouse for attacks and hotkeys for different skills.
It is an enjoyable title to play with friends, especially in trading tips and hero design with each other giving some value to replyability as you try to get different items in the game.
Availability of the game can be found on retail shelves and Steam now. The game costs S$56.90 and US$49.99 respectively
Score Rating  
Story 7.0
Visuals 7.5
Audio 8.0
Gameplay 7.5
Replayability 8.0


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