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Darksiders, Red Faction and the remaining THQ IP-leftovers raise nearly $7 million at auction

Gaming companies like Nordic Games, Gearbox Software and 505 Games, have submitted bids up to $6.55 million for the six available lots of THQ intellectual properties, according to the United States Bankruptcy Court. Less than expected, but more than estimated, the offers will be finalized in court by the end of May.

Many rumors and reports have been circulating about potential bidders and desired titles, including Crytek’s interest on Darksiders, TeamPixel’s Kickstarter drive for Homeworld IP, Double Fine’s desire to reclaim Costume Quest and Stacking and various other properties. Nothing is set on stone yet, though, and the final act will be played in court.

According to court documents, the auctioned IPs were arranged into six separate lots and seventeen bids were made. The first four lots included the rights to popular AAA titles, like Darksiders, Red Faction, the MX series and the older Homeworld.

Smaller titles, like de Blob, Destroy all Humans! and Full Spectrum Warrior series were placed on the fifth lot, while the sixth lot contained thirty-six licenses in an economy pack, that reportedly annoyed many developers wishing to purchase individual titles.

Source: Digital Trends, KCC court documents

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