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This ‘Dark Souls’ mod takes the game to never-before-seen levels of controller throwing frustration

A newly released mod for the game ratchets up the difficulty level to an insane degree by making enemies vastly more bloodthirsty.


Dark Souls doesn’t need to be any more difficult than it already is. Yet, here we are.

A mod by JITD tweaks the game to make it more sadistic than it ever was, without resorting to cheap tactics like increasing enemy health, armor, magic, defense or attack power. That would be too predictable. Instead, the mod makes changes to the aggressiveness of enemies to such an extent that they’ll follow you all around Lordran until you kill them, or more probably, until they kill you. What’s more, their eyesight has improved considerably, and they’ll come running if they catch even the briefest glimpse of your puny face.

Perhaps the major difference, though, is the fact that enemy positions are no longer predefined. All the things that are out to kill you wont stand in one spot until you happen to arrive. With the mod, all enemies are wandering around the map before you get there, meaning that they’ll never be in the same spot at any given playthrough.

That’s where the real challenge comes from. Gamers who have braved the world of Lordran a number of times might be starting to find it too easy now that they know what to expect. This mod is for you guys.

To see the mod in action, take a look at Dark Souls veteran VaatiVidya running through the changes and offering tips and tricks on making it through.

The mod can be downloaded here.

Source: Eurogamer



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