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Dark Souls and Other Games That Would Be Too Intense For VR

Virtual Reality is a fantastic means of immersion into a video game world. It really is superior to just about ever other method tried before. Virtual Reality is so effective, in fact, that I would argue that it is too good. At least, for certain properties, it would be far too much. Just last week the head of FromSoftware, the twisted minds behind the Dark Souls franchise, said that they would like to make a VR Dark Souls game. That really is not a good idea for a game with scenes like this. Sure, the game would reach new levels of immersion, but there would be an equal rise in the number of soiled clothes. With that image in mind, here are other games that would be too crazy for VR.

Dynasty Warriors

Famous for its ridiculous number of enemies to fight and over the top combat, Dynasty Warriors is very much what you would call a cult classic. Something that everyone can agree on is that it is super fast paced and requires a great degree of situational awareness. Part of that is helped by having a 3rd person view of your surroundings. Imagine trying to achieve what you see in the video in VR. It would be madness, and considering that nausea is still a huge problem with VR this would make it even worse. If you were able to master the games it would look amazing, but the grind needed to reach would be too much for most.

Devil May Cry

Another game that relies on fast-paced combat and action, Devil May Cry would simply not work in VR. The acrobatics alone would be too disorienting. That and seeing the monstrous designs up close would be terrifying. Remember, even with inferior graphics, your brain has a hard time parsing what’s real and what isn’t in VR. Besides, part of the appeal of DMC is watching Dante/Nero dance around on the screen. Being limited to a first person view would take away from its inherent charm.


Filed under the large folder in steam called ‘games probably dreamed up under the influence,’ ClusterTruck is insane. You jump on trucks that are driving randomly to reach the end of the level. Think floor is lava but where the platforms keep moving. ClusterTruck is one of those games which is simple in concept but ridiculously complex in what is happening on the screen. That and the constant jumping the protagonist has to do would be too much for our brains in VR. Looking at the game just as it is, playing it traditionally could be too much for some.

Any Horror Game


Capcom are moving ahead with the VR version of the next Resident Evil. There are also countless VR horror games available on steam, the oculus store and on mobile as well. They are incredibly effective at what they do. Therefore, they are a fantastically horrible idea. If horror is how you get your thrills, more power to you, but VR horror, if it gets good enough, could potentially have terrible outcomes. Remember, simple VR is able to make people fall over. High-end VR horror could potentially kill someone.

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