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D-Link introduces new Cloud initiative and mydlink platform in Singapore


Today, D-Link shared their Cloud initiative which incorporates innovative cloud functionality in their line of consumer networking products for enhanced secure data access, sharing and viewing.

D-Link has unveiled their portfolio of Cloud products including routers, cameras and network storage devices, which allow you to access your digital content, and connect to family anytime, anywhere. The new products include the D-Link Cloud Camera 5000 (DCS-5222L) which offers pan/tilt capabilities and autotmatic day/night viewing, and D-Link Enhanced Wireless N Day/Night Home Network Camera (DCS-942L; above pic second from left). The D-Link Enhanced Wireless N Day/Night Home Network Camera offers H.264 video compression which can record up to five times more footage than MJPEG, and comes with enhanced motion detection and night vision of up to five metres in pitch darkness, as well as built-in microphone. The DCS-942L will be available in Singapore at authorized retailers at S$199, in Q3 this year.

The D-Link DNR-322L mydlink Network Video Recorder (NVR) is a standalone storage that can record real-time video from up to nine D-Link network cameras to hard disk storage. It can support real-time remote monitoring and playback via web browser (via mydlink website) or NVR's web graphical user interface. On top of that, users can control pan/tilt/zoom functions from within the interface or by directly clicking on the video. The D-Link DNR-322L mydlink Network Video Recorder (NVR) will be available in Singapore at authorized retailers at S$329, in Q2 this year.


Jacky Chang, vice president of D-Link, South Asia region, said that D-Link Cloud provides user with a single platform (mydlink) and account to connect to all the D-Link Cloud devices. You can use any smartphone or tablet to log in to the portal with your username and password to access your home cloud devices such as router, camera and storage.

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