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Cydia found working on iOS 7, public jailbreak coming soon?

Cydia will make it onto iOS 7 whether or not Apple approves of such a thing.  Some snapshots of the program on an iPhone running iOS 7 proves that, like previous iOS versions, there’s a huge jailbreaking community committed to making dreams come true.


The snapshots of Cydia, which runs on a tethered-jailbroken A4-based iPhone 4, purportedly runs stable on Apple’s latest OS, but there are still a lot to be done in regards to the actual jailbreak process.  While the sight of Cydia running on iOS 7 is one that many would-be jailbreakers want to see, the developer working on the jailbreak doesn’t intend to release the ultra-alpha jailbreak anytime soon.

Current iPhone users that are on a jailbroken-enabled version of iOS should stick with their current setup.  Even though well-known developers like MuscleNerd has ensured that it is safe to update to iOS 7.x, there’s still the possibility that it will be awhile before a public jailbreak will be released.

That said, for those that have already hopped on iOS 7 and want to catch glimpse of a brighter future for your flattened and revamped handset, here are some pictures to get your geek juice flowing:

Source: Redmond Pie

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