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CyanogenMod Pro and Community versions detailed, along with new features

The Cyanogen team announced that CyanogenMod will be available in two versions in the future, and have also detailed a host of new features that will be making their way to the custom ROM for Android devices.


The Cyanogen team announced at Big Android BBQ 2013 that they will be launching two versions of their custom ROMs available to users in the near future.

Advanced users will be able to use the CyanogenMod Community edition, which will be similar to the CM ROM that is offered today. The Community edition is designed for hackability, community driven, is signed with well-known keys and gives users the ability to debug the kernel. It also features a system updater that allows users to download the latest nightly builds.

The Pro version, on the other hand, will be targeted toward a beginner audience. The team at Cyanogen will likely build a custom installer that makes it easier for users to get the CyanogenMod ROM on their devices without any extraneous effort. These builds will be signed with Cyanogen’s private keys, and come with an automatic updater. Users installing this version of CyanogenMod have the choice of selecting if they want their device rooted or not.

In addition to the new versions of the ROMs, the Cyanogen team also discussed new features that will be available in future builds. These include the likes of CM Account, which is CyanogenMod’s version of the Android Device Manager. CM Account allows users to locate and find their device, as well as remotely erasing all data on the device. It also gives users full device management powers, cross device sync and secure storage.

Other new features include universal screencasting, which allows users to record the screen easily. It is ideal for making demos and recording tutorials on-device. Another new feature is Recent Conversations, which shows a list of all individuals a user talked to in a descending order. This makes it easier for users to continue their conversations without having to go to individual chat clients. This is achieved by another new feature called Live Folders, which sorts folders automatically based on smart context. CyanogenMod will also be getting new themes, along with tweaks to the gallery and launcher.

Source: CyanogenMod Blog


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