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Curved LG ‘G Flex’ smartphone tipped for Sprint and AT&T as LS995 and D950

The battle is over, Samsung prevailed, LG lost… again, and whatever the Optimus makers manage to squeeze out the “G Flex”, it won’t be enough to make people forget Sammy’s Galaxy Round was the first curved display smartphone to see daylight.

LG G Flex

Whoa, whoa, whoa, not so fast. First of all, because the Round is not technically up for grabs yet and so the G Flex can still precede it on store shelves. Secondly, and most importantly, what if LG actually pulls off a global release for its curvalicious handheld, unlike the GRound, which doesn’t look like it will ever escape Korea’s borders?

Impossible, you say? Well, you have your opinion and I have the word of the most notorious mobile tech leaker around, Evleaks. According to him (and User Agent Profile traces found on Sprint and AT&T’s websites), the G Flex might be headed to both carriers, presumably by the end of the year.

Before letting your imagination run wild, let’s mention there are a couple of things that smell a little fishy. Number one, Engadget claims the G Flex will be a 6-incher, whereas the LG LS995, the presumed Sprint version of the phone, apparently sports a “tiny” 4.7-inch panel.

flexible display

Granted, there is an (outside) chance the Galaxy Round competitor will land in a number of slightly different variations, but the difference from 6 to 4.7 inches is pretty huge.

As for the D950, the evidence supporting the theory this is the “Z” for AT&T is even slimmer. Plus, once again, there’ve been rumors flying around of a 5-inch or smaller display. So either Engadget got it wrong, or EvLeaks is off base for once. I mean, twice, since technically he did drop the ball on another story, coincidentally also tied to an LG gadget, not long ago. But hey, what are the odds of lightning striking twice?

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