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Curiosity Rover may be injured

The Mars Curiosity Rover just found something suspicious in the Martian soil, which may be a part of itself that fell off. 

NASA's car-sized Mars rover, Curiosity, is "finding itself" on the red planet… or at least, that's what it looks like. Over the weekend, engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab discovered something odd in the sand underneath the rover. A small speck of something with a metallic gleam caught their eye, and they fear this might be a part of the rover which fell off. As a result, JPL is now busy taking more pictures of the object and looking at it with more detail.

Near the bottom of the image is the metallic object, which speaks miles as to the eye sight of JPL engineers


If the object did indeed come from Curiosity, the engineers at JPL are interested in determining what part it is, and where on the rover it detached from. This will help the team of engineers at determining how this will effect the rover's future capabilities and what kind of assignments it will be able to part take in. The engineers are hopeful that the object isn't indicative of a major error, as it recently underwent a full month of testing and all systems were determined to be operational.

The object was discovered while the rover was grabbing it's first scoop of Martian soil, to be analyzed to determine their history; this involves tests where, among others, the sample is baked and x-rayed. Currently, the rover is on the 65th day of it's 668 solar (martian) day mission.

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