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Crytek to showcase CryEngine for Linux at GDC

The developer of the Crysis franchise announced that a native CryEngine client will be available soon for Linux.


Crytek is bringing the CryEngine to Linux. The game developer announced that a native CryEngine for Linux will be demoed later this month at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Crytek will be giving a total of five presentations, in which the developer will be talking about using Agile development methodologies in games like Ryse and Crysis along with other innovations it has undertaken in developing the Ryse: Son of Rome.

In addition to the engine’s availability for Linux, Crytek also announced that the CryEngine now features a new render technology that uses “real-world physics simulation to create amazingly realistic lighting and materials.” Along with the Unreal Engine, Crytek’s CryEngine is one of the most widely used game engines today.

Attendees to the event will also be able to plat Crytek’s latest free to play title, Warface. Crytek will also be showcasing tis first mobile game, The Collectables, at the event. The Collectables is a military strategy game for iOS and Android that also features the CryEngine.

Source: Crytek

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