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Cryorig announces Mac Pro-like chassis, fits GTX 1080


Look out world, there’s a new PC chassis that looks a lot like the latest Mac Pro hitting the market in 2017. Cryorig has announced a mini-ITX Mac Pro-esque chassis that’s capable of fitting a full-sized video card (up to 280nm length-wise).

Dubbed the “Ola,” the new Cryorig chassis fits one 3.5” HDD, 2x 2.5” HDD/SSD, and a SFX power supply unit. There are two compartments, one for the motherboard and storage devices, and the other for the full-sized dedicated video cards. A single 140mm pulls air in from the side intake ducts to maintain decent ventilation, but both the CPU and GPU will require their own cooling solutions.

Cryorig didn’t get into the specifics about the TDP of the GPU, but they did claim that the TDP of the CPU won’t go over 100W. This, in tandem with the SFX PSU, may be a turn off for overclockers that want to get the most out of their CPU or GPU. Still, from the press release, we can see that the chassis fits a GTX 1080 snuggly, and this beast can suck up to 180W. This tells us even without the overclocking headroom, the Ola would serve as a powerful chassis for PC enthusiasts that want to go for the Mac Pro look.

Source: anandtech

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