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Crucial Ballistix DDR2 – 533 Review

Crucial has recently introduced their Ballistix line of memory, aimed at the enthusiast markets. We take a look at their new low-latency DDR2-533 memory, running at 3-3-3-10. How does the memory perform? Come and take a look.


With the launch of the Intel’s new LGA 775 processors already a few months in the past, it’s now time to look beyond these new Intel CPU’s towards the memory that consumers will be running to harness their full potential. We’re of course talking about DDR2, the memory standard that powers Intel’s latest 925x and 915 chipsets. If you’ve been looking at purchasing a new 925x based motherboard lately, you’ve probably looked into buying some new DDR2 memory as well.

Apart from the different naming conventions companies are using with their DDR2 products, many end users have complained about how almost every available DDR2 DIMM is rated at the same timings. These timings are of course the JEDEC standard, of 4-4-4-12 for DDR553 and 5-5-5-12 for DDR667. Many of you may remember that the JEDEC standard for DDR 400 was CL 2.5, but as the memory standard matured, manufacturers started producing low latency DDR memory that was rated at CL 2.

How important are timings? As you can tell from the success of low latency DDR memory, they are very important. Not just important because they provide increased performance to the end user, memory with lower than standard timings is almost always successful in the enthusiasts markets. Computer enthusiasts will pay a little more for a product that is faster than all the rest, and with the enthusiast market growing exponentially over the last few years, the newest company to jump into the fray is Crucial.

Many of you are familiar with Crucial because of their very popular value line of memory. They have been in the mainstream market for years, and have already released a handful of successful high end graphics cards. Today we’ll be taking a closer look at their new Ballistix line of memory, as of right now, the only low latency DDR2 memory on the market.


Module Size
Ballistix 240-pin DIMM
DDR2 PC2-4200
32MB x 64
Error Checking
Memory Timings

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