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Credit card sized backup battery charges your cell phone

The Powerocks Tarot battery is about the size of a credit card and is a real savior for those days when you forget to charge your phone.

Sometimes, you forget to charge your cell phone. Sometimes, you just use more of its battery power than expected. Whatever the reason, we've all experienced times when the battery indicator goes red and had to deal with managing what little power remained through the day. It's a bother, but it isn't enough of a bother to justify carrying around a large backup battery. Powerocks agrees with this sentiment, which is why they've launched the Tarot, a 1500mAh battery with an excellent balance between size and power.


The battery is just 0.28 inches thick, which according to Powerocks makes it the thinnest battery on the market. Admittedly, while credit card sized in length and height, the thickness makes it a bit wider than your average MasterCard. Still, it isn't so thick it wouldn't fit into a wallet if you really wanted it to. The battery comes with a USB connector which is used both to recharge the Tarot, and to charge other devices with it. It has enough juice to fully recharge a smart phone, which is more than enough for every day life (and perhaps a life saver for that two day business trip where you forgot to pack your charger).


The Tarot sells for $35, which is a pretty decent deal

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