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Credible sources tip off mid-August Samsung Galaxy Note 5 ETA

Both Reuters and the Wall Street Journal feel comfortable predicting the newest GNote iteration will debut earlier than usual, and also ahead of Apple’s iPhone 6s/6s Plus announcement.

Galaxy Note 4 teaser

Reluctant to take a page from the playbooks of their less experienced rivals, the handheld manufacturer kings stubbornly insist on keeping everything about the next-gen Note phablet a secret. Still, Samsung can’t altogether hinder the activity of professional leaksters, who’ve recently discovered the upgraded 5.9 incher sports a massive battery, USB Type-C port, “all-in-one” SoC, but no microSD card slot.

The faux leather rear cover is without a doubt behind the Korean-based design crew, as the metal-and-glass construction of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge seems the only premium enough 2015 engineering path.

Obviously, many questions remain unanswered, even after this steady stream of leaks, but the release timeframe may no longer be a hot topic of discussion. Not once “persons familiar with the matter” told two of the world’s most reputable news publications the glitzy pre-IFA unveil will go down in mid-August.

Galaxy Note 4 event

Now, it’s possible Reuters and WSJ’s moles are mistaken, and it’s even conceivable the same insider spilled his guts to both media outlets. But if they decided to run the stories, it means they trust their snitch, which is enough for us to take the ETA as granted.

Mark your calendars, y’all, for August 15 or, better yet, 17, since the 15th is a Saturday. And yes, we realize Sammy moved up the traditional timetable due to fears the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sequels might see daylight early.

Ultimately though, what’s wrong with that? It’s the nature of the industry to shuffle and reshuffle product rosters, deadlines and specifications on similar maneuvers from rivals. And if Samsung can pull off a Note 5 commercial dispatch before the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus go on sale, it’s going to be their most inspired ploy in a long time.

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