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Creative Vado HD

It fits in your pocket, it’s discreet and doesn’t need to be fed metal oxide covered polyester tapes. Could this be the ultimate pocket digital camcorder featuring 720p HD recording? The Creative Vado HD could very well be the next best thing for capturing, America’s Funniest, most disatrous sports, or some other kind of extreme thing in HD.


THE tapeless digital video camcorder isn’t a new idea and there have been many iterations from the no-name sweatshop brands knocked out of China and the branded models from the likes of Panasonic, Canon and JVC. Heck, even the mobile phone you carry today has digital video recording capability.

Vado HD is Creative’s second attempt of creating a digital video camera that they hope everyone will be carrying around like the average mobile phone. Before we get to the fact that this is their second effort, let’s take a quick look at their first attempt, the Creative Vado.

The Creative Vado is a pocket camcorder that records digital video to built-in memory with a capacity of 2GB. The Vado records at VGA (640 x 480) resolution. The device uses a fixed lens and does not have any optical zoom capabilities. Connectivity is via a built-in USB connector and there is an AV Out connector for TV playback. The device is brick shaped and could pass as a mobile phone device.


Compare that to the new Vado HD.

The Vado HD looks just about the same. The external difference is the HD moniker and the addition of the HDMI port on the side with a movable dust cover.

The colour of the rubbery like skin on the HD is now a charcoal gray with small shiny flecks versus the hot pink and grey of the original. The new colour scheme makes the HD more professional looking and less of a toy.

The is a lot more differences that is not just on the surface. Let’s check them out and have a more indepth tour of the outside.

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