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Creative ExpressCard Sound Blaster X-Fi Notebook & Wireless Receiver

Tired of listening to your mediocre audio quality from your notebook PC? Perhaps its time to get this Creative ExpressCard Sound Blaster X-Fi for notebooks. Creative claims to provide superior audio quality for your music, movies and games. Let’s see how good it is with a bonus – the new Creative Wireless Receiver.

The popular Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi (abbreviated as Xtreme Fidelity) started as a PCI and PCI-Express audio card for desktop PCs. The X-Fi cards promised enhanced audio quality for music listening and realistic sound effects for gaming and movie watching. Soon after, external versions for notebook computers were developed to cater to road warriors who were not satisfied with the audio quality offered by their notebooks.

The ExpressCard Sound Blaster X-Fi Notebook sound card is the latest product from Creative Technology. In this review, we also check out the new Creative Wireless Receiver that works hand-in-hand with the X-Fi Notebook sound card.

For those who do not know, ExpressCard is a new hardware standard that replaces PC cards (or more commonly known as PCMCIA) and comes in ExpressCard/34 and ExpressCard/54; the number denotes 34mm and 54mm in width respectively. The latest breed of notebook computers should have this slot. But if you are holding a laptop that is a few years old, it will be best to check whether your notebook is using the older standard or the newer ExpressCard.

Here are the specifications for the ExpressCard Sound Blaster X-Fi Notebook sound card.

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