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Creative Technology’s Sound Blaster cards are the most established PC audio industry, are can be said to be responsible for the PC audio revolution 30 years ago. Today, the Singapore-based company marries old and new, combining its latest Super X-Fi headphone holography with its Sound Blaster line of PC sound cards.

The Sound Blaster X3 accommodates headphones and surround-speaker systems, all controlled with a convenient knob. Image: Creative

Starting with the Sound Blaster 1.0 of 1989, Creative Technology has focussed on the PC sound card experience, alongside its various other endeavours. With the Sound Blaster X3, the brand is debuting its acclaimed Super X-Fi technology, delivering a surround speaker system experience with regular headphones.

Clinching 15 best-of awards at CES 2019, Creative Technology’s Super X-Fi recreates a virtual 7.1-channel experience, and requires only two speakers. It uses Dolby Digital Live encoding for optical connectivity to external receivers for multi-channel speaker systems.

The front of the Sound Blaster X3, showing the illuminated volume knob, control buttons including the Super X-Fi toggle, along with microphone and headphone ports. Image: Creative

The high-resolution DAC on the Sound Blaster X3 delivers superior depth, and immersion with 32-bit / 192kHz playback, and is able to drive studio-grade headphones with an on-board amplifier.

The rear of the Sound Blaster X3 allows for multiple speakers to be plugged in via 3.5mm port, along with an optical connection. Image: Creative Technology

For added convenience, the Sound Blaster X3 allows for volume between two audio sources to be toggled simply with a knob. This means multitasking with multiple audio sources like music, voice chat and gaming can be better managed on both PC and Mac.

The Sound Blaster X3 is also compatible with PS4 and Nintendo Switch, and can be accessed with the Sound Blaster Command software for desktops, or mobile app for consoles.

The Creative Sound Blaster X3. Image: Creative

Creative will be offering an exclusive 15% discount off the latest Sound Blaster products that are launched until the end of the year.

The Creative Sound Blaster X3 is priced at SGD 183 and is available on Creative.com.

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