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Creative Announces ZiiEagle Movie Box, Comes With 668 Movies


What’s better than a media player that lets you watch high definition movies on your TV? Well, a media player preloaded with 668 movies. Creative Technology has just unveiled their latest ZiiEagle Movie Box and collaborated with Celestial Pictures to bring “The Complete Celestial’s Shaw Brothers Film Collection” to your TV.

Today, Creative Technology introduced ZiiEagle Movie Box that contains The Complete Celestial’s Shaw Brothers Film Collection of 668 fully restored and digitally re-mastered movies priced lower than pirated DVDs. it contains the entire collections of high definition digital content for easy viewing through viewers’ home entertainment systems.
Powered by ZMS-05 HD Media-Rich Applications Processor, the ZiiEagle Movie Box is a unique and innovative HDMI plug-and-play home entertainment device that lets users access huge movie or video collections legitimately at one touch of a button. Designed with ease of use in mind, the Movie Box’s built-in features, such as its easy navigation, special search and play functions (4-Digit Movies, Dream List, Dreamscape One-Touch-Play) and parental lock make it convenient for users to select and enjoy any desired movie.
Made by Shaw Brothers, spanning almost 50 years of Chinese movie-making history, the movies bring about numerous famous actresses, actors and dedicated directors. You will own 668 timeless movie classics including ‘The One-Armed Swordsman (???)’, ‘Come Drink With Me (???)’, ‘The Kingdom and the Beauty (????)’, and historical epics like ‘Last Woman of Shang (??)’ in one device, instead of cabinets filled with DVDs.
Clad in a sleek burgundy case with attractive lacquered-like finish, the ZiiEagle Movie Box makes a perfect gift for movie fans. This precious collection of 668 movies that includes almost 200 movies not released on DVDs or TV is worth well over S$10,000. It is now retailing together with the ZiiEagle Movie Box at only S$1,070.

ZiiEagle Moviepedia
To complement the whole movie viewing experience, the ZiiEagle Moviepedia – a 400-page, full-colour movie reference book has been specially compiled and comes complete with movie synopses and photos from all the movies bundled with the ZiiEagle. In addition, the ZiiEagle Moviepedia comes in a limited hard cover large-size edition, which makes an excellent collector’s item. An online version is also exclusively available through the ZiiAcademy and Creative online store. To complete the line, a special ZiiEagle Moviepedia DVD has been commissioned which comprises of the ZiiEagle Moviepedia, “The Making of ZiiEagle Movie Box and ZiiEagle Moviepedia” video and movie trailers.
Exclusive Features of the ZiiEagle Movie Box
– Bundled with the lavish ZiiEagle Moviepedia – 400 pages, full-colour movie reference book with movie synopses and photos
– Delivers 720p (1280×720) HDMI video output
– English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese subtitles support
– Dream List – Press the Dream button on the remote control to browse a wide selection of movie playlists
– 4-Digit Movies – View any movie by simply selecting its 4-digit movie code
– Dreamscape One-Touch Play – Press any of the 4 colour buttons to Power on, Select and Play a random movie from that category in the Dreamscape
– Parental Lock – Passcode for locking any movie, with movies classified NC16 and above locked by default
– 100 Bookmarks Per Movie – Create up to 100 bookmarks per movie and return to enjoy it later
– Easy Navigation – Browse favourite movies, actresses, actors or directors
– 1.5X Fast Play with natural audible dialogue
Pricing and Availability
The ZiiEagle Movie Box and ZiiEagle Moviepedia will be available at The CREATIVE Store at International Business Park and the online store at sg.store.creative.com in Singapore from 15 December 2010 onwards.
ZiiEagle Movie Box (ZiiEagle Moviepedia Soft Cover edition included) S$1,070
ZiiEagle Moviepedia
– ZiiEagle Moviepedia (Soft Cover) is also available separately S$35
– ZiiEagle Moviepedia (Hard Cover Limited Edition) S$99
– ZiiEagle Moviepedia (Online Version) is available exclusively through ZiiAcademy and the online store at sg.store.creative.com S$19.90
– ZiiEagle Moviepedia (DVD) S$20

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  1. This is amazing box. I love it. One can use Cybeflix TV along with box to watch all latest movies and TV shows for free.

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