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Creative announces new products at CES, claims to take audio experience to new levels

When it comes to gaming and interpersonal communication, the importance of decent sound quality cannot be underestimated lest one wants to deal with various miscommunication quirks. That being said, Creative has announced in a press release that the company has got three new products available for consumers who can understand the importance of good audio.

There is no denying that proper sound quality is not a luxury but a basic need. After all, there is no point purchasing run-of-the-mill equipment when the sound output is bad enough that the source is horribly distorted and muffled by the time it reaches the user’s ears. Unfortunately for the world, this is one area where the average consumer has often hindered progress due to their general reluctance to invest in proper audio hardware.

With such an obstacle in their path, what is a multimedia company like Creative to do? Simple: by fitting everyday devices with technology that is capable of producing decent audio quality without the need to invest in additional hardware. Which is exactly what it has done in this year’s CES with three new product announcements.

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi CA20K2 audio processor: Now in a Gigabyte G1-Killer near you

For the most part, the only way to get quality audio on a DIY desktop PC is to purchase and install an additional PCIe sound card. This results in extra costs which some DIY-ers may not be interested in incurring, and such users typically end up falling back on board’s built-in sound processor which usually provides barely passable sound.

And the solution to the problem cannot get any simpler: Creative has announced that the popular Taiwanese OEM Gigabyte has struck an agreement in which the latter will make use of Creative’s X-FI CA20K2 audio processor to serve as the default onboard sound chip for its new line of G1-Killer gaming motherboards.

According to Creative, the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi (CA20K2) digital audio processor is a top-of-the-line PCI
Express audio chip which provides dramatic improvements to enhance the capabilities, performance
and quality of sound through the integration of audio enhancement technologies such as
Creative’s proprietary X-Fi and EAX Advanced HD 5.0. This would allow G1-Killer owners to immediately enjoy above-average sound on their PC right out of the box without having to spend extra cash on an additional PCIe sound card.

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