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Cortana for Android beta will release next month


It is finally happening. Microsoft’s impressive virtual assistant Cortana will be making its way to Android next month.

Microsoft today revealed that Cortana for Android will be available in beta form starting next month. Cortana will work across your devices, no matter whether you are using your Windows 10 PC, tablet, or Android smartphone. This cross device compatibility will also help Cortana to remind you about things to do even when you not using your Android smartphone. If you ask Cortana to remind you to walk the dog at 8pm in the evening and you are watching a movie on your Xbox at that time, Cortana will interrupt the movie playback and remind you to take your dog out.

Although you can still ask Cortana any questions you want on the Android version, not all features will be present, at least initially. Microsoft is also expected to bring Cortana to iOS later this year but it looks like iPhone owners will have to wait a bit longer as the iOS beta release date hasn’t been announced yet by Microsoft.

Source: Windows Blog

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