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Corsair unveils Vengeance RGB DDR4 memory kits

Corsair today announced that it is now shipping the Vengeance RGB DDR4 memory kits that it had teased a few weeks back. The Vengeance RGB brings vibrant RGB lighting to the DIMM slot, all controlled by Corsair Link.

Thanks to the Vengeance RGB’s wire-free integration, no additional wires are required for software lighting control. It also helps ensure a clean look to your system. Users will be able to choose between four customizable lighting modes – static, rainbow, breathing, and color shift. Alternatively, you can set up a temperature alert as well, which will change each memory module’s LED color depending on system temperature.

The custom designed heat spreaders don’t just look great, they also help keep each memory module running cool in order to maintain performance and stability under any load. And no, in case you’re wondering, the RGB illumination will not have any impact whatsoever on the actual memory performance, thanks to specially designed lighting circuitry. For easy overclocking, the memory kits come with XMP 2.0 support, allowing users to safely switch between pre-configured tested Intel XMP profiles.

The Corsair Vengeance RGB memory kits are currently available in 16GB (2 x 8GB) and 32GB (4 x 8GB) 3000 MHz kits. Corsair did say that they will come up with additional capacity and frequency kits in the near future, so you should wait if you are looking for a higher capacity kits. The Vengeance RGB’s Corsair Link software control is compatible with the latest Intel platforms from dual-channel Z270 and Z170 to quad-channel X99. Support for AMD Ryzen is planned to be added soon.


Via: TechPowerUp


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