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Corsair starts making fully-built gaming PCs for VR with Corsair One

With VR gaining momentum, gaming brands are shifting their strategy to cater to an entirely-new market: one that is eager to get its hands on cutting-edge hardware, but isn’t necessarily looking to build a custom PC from scratch. Corsair is primarily known for its PC components, and the manufacturer has ventured into the world of accessories in recent years with mechanical keyboards, mice, and gaming headsets. The brand is now branching out to offering fully-made gaming PCs with the Corsair One, pictured above.

We don’t have any details of the underlying hardware, but based on the design of the chassis, it looks like Corsair is going after the enthusiast market. As such, it is likely we’ll see top-of-the-line hardware along with several configuration options for the Corsair One series. The image shows off an HDMI port at the front of the tower, ideal for connecting a VR headset.

The tower itself looks very interesting, and seems to be modeled out of the brand’s Carbide series. The massive LED strip runs along the left and right sides of the chassis, and the form factor suggests Corsair isn’t just bundling an off-the-shelf motherboard in there. We’ll hear more about Corsair’s One in the coming weeks, and if you’re interested in knowing more, you can sign up on the microsite.

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