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Corsair partners CoolIT to develop liquid cooling kits; CoolIT brand pulls out of retail sector

Shortly after Corsair’s CES press conference, CoolIT announced its agreement to enter a partnership with Corsair to jointly develop liquid cooling kits. This further lessens the competition within the pre-assembled liquid cooling systems market.

Corsair is brand name synonymous for quality computer peripherals.

Two of Corsair’s best selling products are the H50 and H70 closed-loop liquid cooling kits.
The popularity of the kits lies in their compact size and potent performance.
The main market rival of Corsair’s liquid-cooling kits is CoolIT Systems.
CoolIT specialises in Advanced Liquid Cooling Technology, or A.L.C as the company calls it.
Shortly after Corsair’s press conference at CES 2011 earlier in the day, CoolIT’s Geoff Lyon announced CoolIT’s agreed partnership with Corsair to co-develop better liquid cooling systems.
The significance of this is that Corsair now dominates the pre-assembled liquid cooling kit scene.
Prior to this, Corsair relied on long-time liquid-cooling systems company Asetek, for the designing and production of their H50 and H70 coolers. The popular Corsair H50 is based off Asetek’s LCLC liquid-cooling system, which can also be found inside select Alienware desktop PCs.
Corsair’s moving away from Asetek as an OEM is not likely to cause a huge disruption to consumers like computer enthusiasts.
However, the fact that Corsair and CoolIT are now one means that CoolIT as a brand, will pull out of the retail sector in order to fully aid Corsair in the development of liquid-cooling kits, and more.
This leaves Asetek free to garner further publicity, and possibly rise as a retail brand in the future.
For now, CoolIT’s close partnership with Corsair will see a new platform of liquid-cooling systems being launched. The first liquid-cooling kit in the new Performance series will be sold as the Corsair H60.
Additionally, CoolIT’s partnership with Corsair will be bringing us a novel product in the near future.
This is none other than the Corsair Link – a software link which will allow a user to control various aspects of his/her system such as fan speeds, lighting intensity of Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lights (CCFL’s), Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lighting as well as various important monitors throughout the system such as temperature and power supply voltage monitoring.
Through this product, the user shall be able to gain complete control and optimise the various aspects of their PC for their own preferences, all via a few clicks of the mouse.
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