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Corsair launches trio of high performance USB 3.0 flash drives

Corsair announced the availability of three new USB 3.0 flash drives, the Flash Voyager GS, Flash Voyager Mini and the Flash Voyager LS. They are available in storage variations of 16 GB to 256 GB.


The Flash Voyager GS consists of three drives in storage variations of 64GB ($90), 128GB ($126), and 256GB ($250). They come in scratch-resistant metal enclosures and feature USB 3.0. The drives are also fully backward compatible with USB 2.0. They offer 285MB/s read and up to 180MB/s write speeds.


Flash Voyager Mini features drives in a smaller form factor. These come in variations of 16GB, which costs $16, 32GB for $30, and 64GB which will set you back $50. The drives are just 1.25 inches long and can be fitted with a detachable key ring.


Flash Voyager LS features drives that come with a retracting design that encases the USB connector when closed. These drives are also scratch-resistant and come in variations of 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. The 16 GB model costs $16.99, 32 GB $26.99, 64 GB $46.99 and the 128 GB $89.99.

All drives will work on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and are of the plug and play variant, meaning that they do not need any additional driver installations.

Source: Corsair

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