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Corsair Hydro H80i & H100i CPU liquid coolers review

Through the ready-to-run kits, liquid cooling is becoming more and more accessible to the general public. Today VR-Zone looks at two of Corsair’s most popular kits, the H80i and H100i.


Using liquids to cool processors is a technique known to enthusiasts since ancient (486DX2 CPU era) times; however, the first commercial water cooling kits were released many years later, when demand allowed companies to present commercial products. Still, the market remained stagnant for many years and water cooling used to be considered an “extreme solution”, reserved for very advanced users. This changed a couple of years ago with the release of the first sealed ready-to-run kits, which require no maintenance and are no harder to install than a typical air cooler.

Today, many companies offer ready-to-run kits. Corsair likely stands out the most, as the company currently offers seven different kits, each designed for a specific user group. We already had a look at their compact single-fan radiator kits, the H55 and H60, a few months ago. In this review we will examine and test two of their more advanced products, the H80i and H100i, both of which are designed with demanding users in mind. Both liquid cooling kits also come with built-in Corsair Link capability, allowing the user to interface with the device through a simple desktop software. Stay with us as we explore their similarities, differences, features and performance.

H100i core
H100i core

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