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Corsair Hydro H55 & H60 CPU Liquid Coolers Review

Corsair appears dedicated to maintain a large and updated selection of liquid coolers. The H55 has been designed as an entry level ready-to-run liquid cooling system, with the main difference over the older H50 design being its capability to be installed on both Intel and AMD processors. The H60 shares the same proportions and radiator as the H55 but there are significant differences and it essentially is a step up on the performance ladder, with the company targeting middle-class overclockers and gamers. Both coolers will also improve the appearance of any high performance system as their small base does not block the motherboard socket area and watercooling kits are still considered "exotic". Furthermore, due to the small size of the waterblock, both kits ensure that the clearance around the socket area is as good as it gets, allowing the installation of very tall RAM modules and makes working inside the case a breeze.

The quality of both coolers is high and will not disappoint even the most demanding of enthusiasts. However, that does not mean that there is no room for improvements. For instance, the retention brackets of the H55 are slightly thin and easily bent. On the other hand and even though the retention brackets are stronger, the mechanical stress induced by the thick tubing can easily bend them if the tubing is forced to take a stiff turn.

There is just a single issue concerning the value of the H55; the H55 retails for about 65 USD, a fair price for such a product, but also just 5-8 USD less than the H60. The H60 offers not only higher performance but significantly easier installation and a higher quality cooling fan, for just 5 USD more. We are not sure what exactly Corsair was thinking here but we do not believe that any kind of user would not spend a few more bucks for all of the advantages which the H60 offers.

Corsair H55


Corsair H60


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