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Corsair Hydro H55 & H60 CPU Liquid Coolers Review

The H55 makes use of a classic "Black Ice" type single fan radiator. It is a fairly thin and lightweight radiator but the particular design has been proven to perform well over the years. Quality-wise, the body of the radiator is solid but the fins are thin and flimsy, making them easy to bend if hit.

The circular CPU water block with Corsair's logo printed on it is also home to the low profile liquid pump. Around the edge of the base there is a series of notched sockets, which are used to lock the base on the mounting bracket during installation. The liquid tubes are attached onto the base by using metallic 90° fittings. The cable leaving the base of the cooler is identical with the power cables of fans and can be inserted into the CPU fan header, allowing the motherboard to both control the speed of the liquid pump and monitor its speed.

As expected, the waterblock is made out of copper and the entire base assembly is being held together with numerous screws. Eight screws are holding the copper plate secured to the plastic body of the assembly and twelve screws hold the bottom and top parts of the plastic assembly together. At the middle of the copper plate we found thermal compound pre-applied. 

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