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Corsair Hydro H55 & H60 CPU Liquid Coolers Review

The H55 comes well packed inside a strong box and is well packed with the use of environmentally friendly cardboard packaging material. Every single part is wrapped in plastic bags, except from the fan and the manuals.

The main difference of the H55 over the older H50 is that the water cooler is now compatible with all current Intel and AMD processors, while the older H50 could be used with Intel processors alone. Corsair provides all the hardware required to install the H55 on any current CPU socket and it is noteworthy to mention that all of the mounting hardware comes in black.

A typical black 120mm cooling fan is provided along with the H55. It is a fairly strong 1700RPM fan with a simple but reliable dual ball bearing engine.

Corsair's H55 looks frightfully similar to many other closed loop ready-to-run watercooling kits. The company went with flexible rubber tubing rather than the corrugated plastic tubes we encountered in the first version of the H100, which rubber tubing turns very easily without kinking. 

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