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Corsair Hydro H55 & H60 CPU Liquid Coolers Review


Liquid cooling used to be an unattractive solution for amateurs and everyday users for many years, until the recent release of closed loop, ready-to-run products. Today we will be having a look at two such watercooling kits from Corsair, the H55 and the new H60.

Liquid cooling has been known to enthusiasts and hardcore overclockers ever since the 486DX2 CPU era but it was not until many years later that a few pioneering companies decided to release retail liquid cooling products and kits. The situation changed significantly a couple of years ago, when the first sealed and ready-to-run kits found their way into the market, allowing even amateur users to install and use liquid coolers without the fear of leaks or other problems. Today several companies offer such ready-to-run liquid cooling solutions and one of the most well-known is Corsair.

With seven ready-to-run watercooling products, Corsair most likely has the widest selection of models currently available, with the company obviously trying to have at least one product for each and every kind of user. Today we will be having a look at two of them, the all-new H55 and the upgraded version of the H60. These two liquid coolers are very similar but there are distinct differences between the models, which we will explore in this review. 

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