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Corsair H60 Specifications Released

The Corsair H60 is the first of many products to come from a joint venture between computer peripherals maker Corsair and liquid cooling systems specialist CoolIT. The agreement, announced last week after a Corsair press conference at CES saw CoolIT dropping out of the retail sector in order to aid Corsair in developing better liquid-cooling systems.

Talk about being efficient.

It has been barely a week since CoolIT Systems announced that it would delve into a partnership with Corsair to jointly develop better liquid cooling systems, and Corsair has already released official images and specifications of the first product from their joint venture.
The Corsair H60 boasts new technologies like a split-flow manifold and micro-channel cold plate for more efficient heat dissipation. 
The H60 reverts back to a single-fan configuration like the H50, and Corsair promises that it will ship with a newly-designed fan which will put out near 75CFM at 1,700RPM, and a maximum noise level of 30dBa.
Compatibility for Intel’s LGA1366, 1156, 1155 and 775 sockets, as well as AMD’s AM2 and AM3 sockets has been confirmed by Corsair.
Though the cooler itself looks promising, real-world testing results have yet to surface.
Added to the fact that the H50 is priced just South of the H60, and the H70 just North, we cannot really see a market sector that the new product will fill.
Source: Corsair

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