The  Graphite 760T and 730T are full-tower enclosures that come with modular hard drive cages.


The Graphite 760T and 730T are the new flagship cases in Corsair’s line. The cases share the same industrial design attributes, and feature a lot of room for installation of hardware. The 760T features two windowed side panels that are symmetrical, with one almost transparent and the other opaque. The side panels are hinged at the rear, and swing outward from the front of the chassis. The major difference between the two enclosures is that the 730T comes with steel side panels instead of the glass panels on the 760T.

The full-tower enclosures can comfortably accommodate motherboards of all form factors, and come with a total of nine expansion slots. There are six 3.5-inch/2.5-inch hard drive mounts that can be mounted at four different locations in the enclosure. You can entirely discard the drive cages and instead use the four side-mounted 2.5-inch drive cages.


At the front of the chassis, there are two LED AF140L 140mm fans, with another 140mm AF140L fan at the rear. Users can install an additional four fans, with the ability to fit in three 120mm or three 140 mm fans at the top, and one 120mm fan at the bottom of the chassis. Users interested in installing liquid cooling solutions can fit in a 280 mm or 240mm radiator at the front by removing the front fans. A 360mm radiator can be installed at the top, or a 120mm variant at the bottom or at the back of the chassis.


The 760T enclosure has an integrated fan toggle that lets users control the fan speed, from 12V to 7V. This toggle is not available on the 730T. The 760T comes in black and Arctic White variations, while the 730T is offered only in black. Both enclosures will be available from February, with the 760T set to retail for $179.99 for the black variant and $189.99 for the Arctic White version. The 730T will cost $139.99. Both cases are backed by a two-year warranty.

Source: Corsair

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