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Corsair Accelerator 60GB Caching SSD Review

While SSD caching drastically improves performance, one needs to remember that this performance boost is neither consistent nor permanent. Depending on the size of the cache and the amount of disk drive activity, data will certainly be evicted from the cache at some point. In order to test the performance consistency of the system we re-run our initial startup time tests after we got through all of the benchmarks, plus two runs of the PC Mark 7 HDD test, starting 2 intensive applications (COMSOL Multiphysics, ANSYS) and 3 games (TES V: Skyrim, The Witcher 2 and Dragon age 2).

  • Run 1 – Initial Run
  • Run 2 – 1st Cached Run
  • Run 3 – Run after heavy disk usage
  • Run 4 – 2nd Cached Run

It is understandable that after heavy HDD usage and while the software is not “trained” to recognize which applications are being used more frequently than others, the hybridized caching solution’s performance will decrease. In this test the Corsair Accelerator 60GB drive dominates, not because it is the fastest but it definitely is by far the most consistent solution we have tested to this date. Having a 60GB large cache without any over-provisioning, the Accelerator effectively has double the hot-cache capacity than the other drives used in this test, allowing it to store much more data.  

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