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Cooler Master Unveils CM Storm Strike Force 19 Gaming Notebook Cooler

Cooler Master, well-known amongst enthusiasts for its affordable thermal solutions, has announced the CM Storm Strike Force 19 Gaming Notebook Cooler.

Measuring 490 x 354 x 74 mm and weighing about 2kg, the cooler features four USB 3.0 ports, a seven color lighting system, a mesh surface, and two detachable speed-adjustable 140mm fans that run at speeds of up to 2,600 RPM.

The CM Storm Strike Force 19, fully compatible with all laptops/ netbooks up to 19″, can be purchased from major retailers and e-tailers at a MSRP of USD 90.


October 26th, 2010- Extreme gamers continue to seek high performing gaming notebooks to keep up with an ever increasing demand from the e-sports scene. However, notebooks tend to have cooling that is almost insufficient for the high-end hardware that they contain. The SF-19, the first in a new series of gaming notebook coolers, uses a highly effective and customizable cooling design. CM Storm seeks to target users of large notebooks with sizes of 19” and beyond.

Designed for future notebooks

Designed with future compatibility in mind, the SF-19 comes equipped with 4 advanced USB 3.0 ports which make it future-proof for all devices such as high speed hard drives, high performance gaming mice, headsets, and peripherals that require high speed transfer rates.

Specialized design for gamers

Utilizing a Multi-Light Shader™, The SF-19 helps create an environment for any gaming intensity by providing 7 colored light profiles. It makes creating an ambiance to fit a gamer’s mood an easy task. In addition, special consideration is paid to mobility in that the SF-19 can effortlessly be transported to a new gaming battleground via its swift carrying handle.

The optimum solution in thermal environments

In order to protect a gamer’s gear while it’s under heavy stress from game play, the SF-19 employs its incredible ability to dissipate all of that excess heat through its surface. It also has a strengthened mesh that can withstand all notebook sizes up to 19”. It also features 2 x 140mm adjustable turbine fans that are specially engineered to provide unprecedented airflow that keeps notebook components running at optimal temperatures.

To achieve maximum cooling efficiency, the SF-19 fans whirl at an impressive 2600 RPM fans. These fans come affixed to a removable fan bracket that allows gamers to use either 140mm or 120mm fans. With this, fan positions can be adjusted to create an optimum airflow pattern. The SF-19 is built to not only extend your notebook lifespan, but also enhance your combat effectiveness in competition by keeping components frosty while you’re under fire.

For more information about CM Storm, please visit our official website: www.cmstorm.com

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