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Cooler Master targets next-gen modularity with MasterCase 5 and MasterCase Pro 5

Cooler Master MasterCase 5 5

Cooler Master is launching a modular case series called MasterCase 5. The underlying foundation for the case — called FreeForm — allows you to switch out panels, doors and even internal components to make way for newer parts with ease using a unique click-and-clip mechanism.

With the MasterCase series, you can constantly upgrade your chassis to accommodate a larger video card, a custom AIO setup or more hard drives. For instance, you can choose to install the two-slot 3.5-inch hard drive cage vertically, horizontally or remove it altogether to make way for other hardware. The manufacturer is showing the possibilities available with the MasterCase series by highlighting enclosures built by eight individuals from different walks of life through a site called Meet the Makers.

Cooler Master will have three models in the series: the MasterCase 5, MasterCase Pro 5 and the MasterCase Maker 5. With the first two options available now, the Maker 5 will launch sometime later this year. The MasterCase 5 is 460mm in height, can accommodate six fans in total — three in the front, two at the top and one at the back, and has provision for three video cards and two carrying handles. The case comes with a partition at the bottom where you can slot the PSU and route cables.

Two 2.5-inch bays can be fitted above the partition, with provision to attach two more cards available behind the motherboard tray. The MasterCase Pro 5 has a similar configuration, but with the addition of even more drive bays, a side window panel and a mesh layer at the front. Building on the focus on customizability, Cooler Master has announced that customers will be able to switch from the MasterCase 5 to the Pro 5 through additional accessories.

The MasterCase 5 is available today for €124, with the Pro 5 version retailing for €159.90. The vendor’s FreeForm technology will be ported to more products in the coming years, allowing you to customize your chassis to a whole new extent.

Source: Cooler Master

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