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CM Storm Trooper Enclosure Review

The box.
The box.


We received the CM Storm Trooper inside a well-designed, large cardboard box. The colorful artwork theme revolves around pictures of the case itself and a strike team of soldiers. Inside the box, the case lies well protected between thick polystyrene foam slabs.

CM Storm Trooper – a not so compact LAN party gaming case.

Even though it has been designed for user who attend LAN parties, the CM Storm Trooper is anything but lightweight or compact. The 58cm tall and 61cm deep steel tower weights about 14.5kg when completely empty, therefore unquestionably carrying it around will be quite the workout, even for frequent gym attenders. We believe that once completed, a very large percentage of users will not even be able to lift it with one hand for more than a minute or two. The case is all black, with an aggressive design of multiple sharp turns, edges and vent openings.

The face plate and its 9 + 1 covers.
The face plate and its 9 + 1 covers.

Almost the entire faceplate of the CM Storm Trooper is covered by ventilated 5.25” bay covers, which may be removed by simply pulling the plastic levers on their sides. The last cover to the bottom has been cut in order to accommodate an external 3.5” device, such as, God forbid, a floppy disk drive. Towards the top of the faceplate there is the X-Dock, a quick-connect disk drive dock for hot-swapping 2.5” devices.

The hidden plastic tray.
The hidden plastic tray.

Behind the cover with the aluminum plating at the bottom of the faceplate, Cooler Master installed a tray with the accessories of the case. As the company was most likely worried that it might move during transport, the tray is firmly secured with two screws, which means that its removal requires at least a PH2 Philips screwdriver every time.

Quite a mess in here...
Quite a mess in here…

With a plastic tray and all, we were expecting a better presentation of the case’s accessories. Unfortunately the tray is without compartments and everything is just floating inside unorganized. This is especially bothersome when you are carrying the case around, hearing the screws rattling as they bounce freely inside the plastic tray.

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