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Cooler Master releases MasterKeys Pro S & MasterKeys Pro M RGB keyboards

Cooler Master has introduced two new keyboards aimed at the gaming community – MasterKeys Pro S and the MasterKeys Pro M RGB.

The MasterKeys Pro S is claimed to produce a crisp, clearer white that RGB keyboards cannot deliver, while the MasterKeys Pro M RGB boasts of over 16.7 million colors with a wide range of customization options. Both the mechanical keyboards come with support for user-profiles, on-the-fly customization to save macros and settings without software, multiple lighting modes, and anti-ghosting technology. They feature 50 million keystroke lifespan Cherry MX switches in red, brown, blue, and silver.

The MasterKeys Pro S comes in a tenkeyless layout with a minimalistic design, helping minimize footprint on your desk. It also makes the keyboard easily portable. Equipped with onboard memory, the keyboard can easily store all your custom macros and lighting effects with seamless On-the-fly system and profile support.

The MasterKeys Pro M RGB on the other hand offers a unique layout that combines the numer pad and arrow editing keys into one single block, giving you the functionality of a full-size keyboard in the same physical dimensions of a tenkeyless layout keyboard.

A clever feature on both keyboards is the ability to switch between a default and gaming profile modes. When you’re working, you can simply switch to the default mode by pressing FN + ESC, which will disable all gaming macros and lighting modes. When you want to get back to gaming, you can choose any of the four dedicated profiles for your lighting and macros.

The MasterKeys Pro S and MasterKeys Pro M RGB are now available in most major markets around the world.

Via: TechPowerUp


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