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Cooler Master Launches the MasterMouse Pro L-RGB

Cooler Master, who last week launched their new hybrid cooling technology, have another launch for Singapore. The MasterMouse Pro L-RGB is a mouse designed for gaming use. More specifically, for all kinds of gamers. Whether you’re a grizzled veteran or new, Cooler Master want this to be the mouse for you. The MasterMouse Pro L-RGB was made with customization in mind, making it a mouse that can adapt to any and all situations as quickly as you need it to.

Custom Grip Configuration

Image courtesy: Cooler Master

The MasterMouse Pro L-RGB comes standard with two top panels of different lengths as well as two sets of magnetic side panels with differing grip textures. This gives you the freedom to use the mouse grip that works best at any given time rather than being stuck with one grip for all genre of games and play styles. Additionally, users can download a 3D printing file for free and print their own side panels to customise them in any way they see fit. This way, users can literally have a mouse all their own. Remember that at 3D printer is required for this.

Image courtesy: Cooler Master

Full RGB Illumination

Image courtesy: Cooler Master

The MasterMouse Pro L-RGB mouse has three RGB illumination zones with 16.7 million colour options. These lights aren’t just for show either. You can set them to identify saved profiles you’ve created for specific situations. Just make sure to remember which colour you associate with each profile.

Multiple User Profiles

Image courtesy: Cooler Master

The MasterMouse Pro L-RGB is powered by a 32-bit ARM processor with 512KB of onboard memory. This allows users to create and store mouse preferences. Once the profile is saved, you can plug and play on any PC with all your home settings intact. You can customise everything you could ever want. The DPI (400 – 12000), button map, colours, and sensitivity are just some of the options you can change when creating up to five different user profiles. Profiles can be swapped in real time with a single press of a button.

Numerous Programmable Buttons

Image courtesy: Cooler Master

Certain games require more than just two buttons. But to use these buttons effectively, players need the ability to hand pick which buttons do what. The MasterMouse Pro L RGB’s body offers eight programmable buttons plus the option to expand that to a total of 14+1 switch button, thanks to the Storm Tactix function.

User-friendly Software

Image courtesy: Cooler Master

All these customization options can be intimidating in the pursuit of a perfect mouse grip and setup which is why all Cooler Master peripherals use the same free to download, easy to use customization software, called CM Portal. It will automatically update the MasterMouse Pro L when you first plug it in. It’s stress-free, loaded with options, and Cooler Master promises that it will help you make the mouse of your dreams.

Pricing & Availability:

Image courtesy: Cooler Master

The MasterMouse Pro L-RGB is now available for purchase locally, priced at SGD 89

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