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Cooler Master intros the gaming-oriented MasterCase Maker 5T


Cooler Master has announced the launch of its latest gaming-oriented case, the MasterCase Maker 5t. And in case you’re wondering, the “T” apparently stands for turbo edition.

We wanted to go for a sharper, bolder look, like a sports car,” said Mark Severin, head of Case Product Marketing. “In the case of the MasterCase Maker 5t, we added in a few extras that cater specifically to gamers.In line with the color combination that shows up on many gaming-focused motherboards and components, the MasterCase Maker 5t case is lined in red and we are not using just normal red, but we have developed a special red paint with sparkling flakes. This results in an amazing color combination.


To show off the MasterCase Maker 5t’s internal detailing as well as your prized hardware components, it comes with not one but double tempered glass side panels. The glass panes are tinted but do allow enough light to showcase your build. To give the case a feel of a sports car, Cooler Master has used a combination of sharp angles, red LEDs, and a special red paint. The company even includes a magnetic red LED strip that you can place anywhere in the case for a “street-racing” glow.

Another unique feature of the MasterCase Maker 5t is the graphics card holder. The graphics card holder hangs out on the motherboard panel to ease the load on any excess weight from the card that could otherwise case damage to the motherboard. Some of the other key features include a rubber grip handle to lug the case around to LAN parties and FreeForm Modular System.


The case comes with seven expansion slots, 2 5.25” drive bays, 2 3.5” drive bays, and 2+2 2.5” drive bays. It supports ATX/Micro-ATX/Mini-ITX motherboards, VGA cards up to 412mm in length (without 3.5” HDD cage), PSUs up to 200mm in length, and CPU coolers up to 190mm in height. In terms of cooling, the case comes pre-installed with a 140mm fan at the rear and a two 140mm fans on the front. Additionally, you can install up to three 120/140mm fans on the front, a single 120/140mm fan at the rear, and two 120/140mm fans up top. It can also accommodate up to a 280mm radiator on the front as well as at the top.


The Cooler Master MasterCase Maker 5t will be available in Europe later this month for 249 EUR.

Via: TechPowerUp

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