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Cooler Master announces V Series PSUs with 3D circuit design


Cooler Master has announced its new V series power supplies, claimed to be the most stable and efficient power supply unit in its class with exclusive 3D circuit design and Silencio FP technology.

As is becoming a trend now with high-end PSUs, the Cooler Master V series power supplies offer fully modular flat cables and are 80PLUS Gold/Platinum rating certified for energy efficiency. All this is packed in a design that is more compact than most other power supply units in its class. Cooler Master is offering the new V series family in V550, V650, V750, V850, V1000 and V1200 watt variants.

The 3D circuit design uses full module boards for cross connection, leading to lower crosstalk and signal noise. This helps provide better power output, in turn boosting efficiency. 3D circuit design helps improve heat dissipation as well, resulting in lower temperatures.

The V series power supplies use high-performance Silencio FP fan from Cooler Master, operating quietly yet efficiently lowering fan RPM by up to 35% even under 100% load. Cooler Master uses 100% Japanese 105C high quality capacitors that ensure extended lifetime, helping the V series power supplies deliver excellent performance consistently.

Cooler Master V series PSU will be available in Europe from September 17th onwards from 119 euros for the V550, going up to 282.90 euros for the V1200.

Source: TechPowerUp

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