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Cooler Master Announces the MasterLiquid Maker 92 in Singapore

Cooler Master, a prominent name in design and manufacturing computer components and peripherals, today announced the availability of the MasterLiquid Maker 92. An all-in-one liquid CPU cooler that doesn’t look like a liquid cooler. According to Cooler Master, it skirts the divide between liquid and air cooling by combining properties from both. The MasterLiquid Maker 92 was firstly offered via pre-order on 30 August 2016.

The MasterLiquid Maker 92: The low-down

Image courtesy: Cooler Master

Let’s get one thing straight – it is an all-in-one (AIO) closed loop liquid cooler. Mostly. What Cooler Master has done is shrink it down by combining the radiator and pump into a single frame. This frame and two dual fans are attached to a swiveling mechanism that allows you to swap between vertical or horizontal mounting configurations quickly. This versatility gives this cooler some unique functions for smaller PCs and air flow set ups.

Image courtesy: Cooler Master

“It has dimensions similar to an air cooler, but it packs a punch for its size that air coolers can’t match. And it rotates. It’s like if you somehow jacked up a mid-sized tower CPU cooler’s performance and versatility without changing its size,” said Dorrie Chen, Product Marketing Manager for Cooler Master’s thermal team.

The Battle Between Air and Liquid – A Truce

Image courtesy: Cooler Master

Liquid and air CPU coolers have their strengths and weakness. Liquid cooling is far more effective but requires an array of parts that needs a lot of space and can intimidate even the bravest PC builder. Never mind the CPU’s surrounding components that are left to fend for themselves. If you don’t draw in air from somewhere else, the stagnant heat could impact overall system performance and lifespan.

Image courtesy: Cooler Master

Rather than approach the problem with existing AIO liquid cooler designs, Cooler Master just tossed them out and came up with a new angle. Combine the pump and radiator, shrink the size, trim the tubing and wiring, and suspend everything right over the water block on the CPU. This gives you the compact form factor and ease of installation reminiscent of a mid-sized air cooler with the performance of a smaller liquid cooler. Fit it onto anything from ITX to E-ATX motherboards while freeing up space for smaller cases or tighter layouts.

Switch and Swivel

Image courtesy: Cooler Master

Rotating the radiator and dual fans has two advantages – space and air flow. If you have a narrower case for smaller motherboards, flip into horizontal mode, and it still fits without blocking any of your RAM or PCI slots, even on ITX form factors. The MasterFan Pro 92mm fans in this position will blanket the motherboard with cool air, benefiting the components surrounding your CPU. Mounted vertically, you have a tower cooler pulling air through your case. This flexible functionality is a first in both liquid and air cooling.

Pricing and Availability

Image courtesy: Cooler Master

The MasterLiquid Maker 92 is now available for purchase locally, priced at SGD 158.


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