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Cool Devices for Cooling Yourself Down This Summer: ARCTIC Breeze Pro & ARCTIC Breeze Mobile

Summer is on its way, and it is high time to keep the heat away. Equip yourself with the new ARCTIC Breeze Pro and ARCTIC Breeze Mobile USB fans to stay cool whether you are at your desk or on the move.

(Pfäffikon/Switzerland, 30 June 2010) ARCTIC launches a new and improved cooling fan today. As the leading manufacturer of cooling solutions for computers, ARCTIC today introduced two new products to cool you down as well! ARCTIC Breeze Pro and ARCTIC Breeze Mobile will make the hit this summer.

When design and functionality come together

As an enhanced version of ARCTIC Breeze which was launched two years ago, the ARCTIC Breeze Pro comes with additional features. The ARCTIC Breeze Pro is quiet, energy-efficient, practical and high in quality. It is designed for desktop users.

The Pro series has a LED illuminated knob to adjust the fan speed from 800 to 1,800 rpm. The 1.8m cable also makes it convenient for users to connect it to the back of a PC. Excess cable can be rolled up and stored inside the base of the fan. The ARCTIC Breeze Pro also has a durable and flexible neck for users to adjust the fan in any direction. Its energy efficient motor and low-noise impeller eliminates the buzzing sound.

The ARCTIC Breeze Pro not only can give you a gentle breeze, but it also equips a 4-port USB ports. Because the fan operates with a low power IC, efficient circuit and low power motor, the USB port provides maximum power for other external devices. For operating high power-demanding devices, the ARCTIC Breeze Pro can be powered additionally with an external adapter, C2 (optional).

The ARCTIC Breeze Pro is a cool little device to keep the heat away from you this summer. This product comes with durability, quality and functionality.

The ARCTIC Breeze Pro comes with a 2 year limited warranty. It is available in end of July 2010. The MSRP is US$19.95 / 14.95€ (excl. VAT).


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